Hot Menu

This template has a fast-loading jQuery based top menu with nested sub-menus. Sub-menu opens with a nice animation effect. Core Joomla files are not hacked. Module position User3 is reserved for the top menu. Please type "nav" in Menu Tag ID. Menu type should be set to "list".

The vertical menu placed to the left hand side column here is classic static Joomla menu with support for sub-menu items. You don't have to change default menu parameters for this menu. Menu type should be set to "list". You don't need to type anything in Menu Tag ID, Menu Class Suffix or Module Class Suffix fields.

This information is not important if you are installing template using our HOT Start package. In this case, all parameters are set.

Menu has 3 different animated effects. You can select one of them in template parameters. Also, you can select to show submenu without animation effect.

Google Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts is a collection of fonts that you can use on your websites for free.

There are several standard fonts that we use in web design that we all have installed on our computers. Those fonts are Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman and few more. You probably know that you can select any font in your CSS stylesheets just by entering it's name. But beware, if your visitor doesn't have this font installed on his operating system, his browser will show one of the default fonts. As a result of this, your design may look broken on the visitors browser.

One of the greatest desires of all web designers was to use non-standard fonts, but to be 100% sure they will be displayed properly for all visitors. The first attempts, such as Cufon, were based on the idea to use Adobe Flash to convert a non-standard font to vector images and show them in browser as Flash objects. However, in this case, visitor must have Flash plugin installed.

Another idea was to host fonts on the remote servers (cloud) and download them together with another objects on page. In this case there's no flash plugin needed and it works on all computers. Typekit has started to offer this service some time ago. However, their service is not free and could be expensive on the websites with heavy traffic.

It was time for a giant, such as Google, to jump into the game! As almost all other Google's services, Google Web Fonts service is free. All fonts that you can see in the Google's collection (currently 300+ fonts) are free to use on non-commercial and commercial websites. The font files are loaded from the Google's servers and Google doesn't charge for this service neither.

To use a font on your webpage, you need to accomplish these simple steps:

  1. Go to and select font that you like.
  2. Click Quick Use link in the font's box. Select styles (bold, italic) and character sets(latin, cyrillic) that you need. More options selected make the font's package bigger and slower for downloading. Make sure you selected only the options that you really need.
  3. On the same page, you will find a code snippet that you should paste in the head section of your webpage (between <head> and </head>) where you'd like to use the font. If you need it for a Joomla template, you should paste the code in template's index.php file in the head section. In example:
    <link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
  4. Finally, you can use the font in your CSS stylesheets, in example:
    font-family: 'Signika', sans-serif;

New fonts in the collection are added regularly, so make sure you checked the collection for every new project you are working on. Again, use of the fonts are free, but you should consider making a small donation to the author(s) of the font(s) you are using. This can be done through Google Web Font's site. It will certainly encourage the font kit designers to produce even better fonts and share them helping us to produce more interesting and unusual websites.

Unlimited Colors

parametersUnlimited color options! Select your own colors. This is useful if you want to match main template color with your company logo.

Several pre-defined styles available.

To get to the parameters in your Joomla Admin go to: Extensions > Template Manager and select HOT Hotel. There you can select colors and background images. The template colors can be selected from handy palette tool or entered manually in hexadecimal format (combination of 6 letters and numbers). If you don't have Photoshop, Fireworks or similar application, Color Combos can help you to find out the hexadecimal code of your color.

Change few options in template parameters and... Boom! You got template with completely new experience!

HOTel Template

Whenever and wherever you decide to travel, one of the first things to do before packing your suitcases is to make a hotel reservation. Before you place your reservation, you should choose a hotel that will make your stay in the strange environment as pleasent as possible. What will help you to make the right decision? The hotel's website of course! It contains the most important information about the hotel and the services it offers. Also, it contains some nice images and information about the hotel's environment (such as weather conditions, map guides...).

These are features of HOTel Joomla template. It's equipped with 3 commercial extensions (with template purchase you get them for free) and 2 free extensions that's preinstalled. Althrough the online reservation is not a part of the template, you can install one of the Joomla extensions for such purpose yourself. There are plenty of them available in the market. Also, in order to save time and get some extra features, the hotel managers may decide to use for reservation. Whatever reservation system the hotel will use, this template is neutral regarding this matter.

Joomla HOTel template will help any hotel website to gain more visitors! More website visitors will fill the hotel rooms with guests!

Подробнее: HOTel Template

Our Templates Don't Make Conflicts

jquery noConflictjQuery is a powerful JavaScript library. Almost all our extensions are based on that library (Top Menu, HOT Image Slider, HOT Newsflash, HOT Joomla Gallery, HOT Joomla Carousel, Lightbox, Font resizer, more are coming...). However, many Joomla extensions from other providers use other libraries (mooTools or prototype).

Using them together on a page will probably make conflicts. As a result, some or all of your extensions would not work.

However, we have a solution. Our Joomla extensions use "jQuery noConflict mode". Therefore, with our templates, beside our extensions, you can also use other extensions from other providers based on other JavaScript libraries.

Hotel - Vavilon


Номерной фонд насчитывает 44 номера различных категорий - 35 номеров категории "Стандарт", 4 просторных однокомнатных номера "Студия" и 5 двухкомнатных "Аппартаментов", из большинства которых открываются панорамные виды на морское побережье. Отель располагает парковкой на 10 машин для проживающих в номерах "Студия" и "Апартаменты"...


about us

Просторный, оснащенный звуковым и световым оборудованием зал приглашает насладиться разнообразными блюдами европейской кухни и широким выбором коктейлей. Наши возможности позволяют проводить мероприятия любого формата, а специальное оформление интерьера сделает проведение свадебного мероприятия незабываемым! ...

Cafe - Vavilon


Работает с 1 июня по 1 сентября. Летнее кафе с танцполом под открытым небом, с живой, а также современной танцевальной музыкой предлагает европейскую кухню, широкий выбор коктейлей, кальян, а также развлекательные шоу-программы. Родители смогут насладиться ароматным кофе и нашей домашней выпечкой, пока детки заняты в развлекательном уголке.